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The Ballroom Dances

Social Foxtrot is one of the most popular ballroom dances and a great dance for beginners. It’s a classic dance for wedding receptions and social events. Learn foxtrot basic steps and get dancing in minutes,


The Waltz remains the only dance whose romance links it with life’s happier moments and

conjures up visions of colourful flowing ball gowns, weddings and beautiful music

It has the ability to adapt and change to the musical style of the moment.

The soft flowing waltz action allows the dancers to express the phrasing and expression of this romantic dance. Dating back about 300 years and popular all over the world, the waltz is the “backbone” dance of the ballroom.


The classic swing dance of the ballroom and one that most ballroom dancers want to dance well. It demands a high level of technical expertise, experience and skill while dancers glide around the floor to some of the best ballads ever written


Developed from the Argentine Tango with no rise and fall it is an easy dance to learn and satisfaction is guaranteed with its inspiring music. The sharp staccato beat gives the Tango its unique rhythm and character, and dictates the style of action that we use. It is the charged atmosphere and dramatic choreography that makes this dance a firm favourite.


Invigorating and fun the Quickstep developed from a combination of the Foxtrot and Charleston It is a fast powerfully flowing dance and a firm favourite. Just a taste of the exciting speed and intricate rhythmic patterns of this dance. The dancer who masters the fundamentals of the Quickstep, will have command of a dance that can never grow stale, a dance that is unquestionably the most attractive expression of rhythm the world has ever known. The Quickstep is undoubtedly the most popular dance today.

In the twenties many bands played the slow-Foxtrot too fast. Eventually they developed into two different dances. The slow-Foxtrot  tempo was slowed down and Quickstep became the fast version of the Foxtrot. 1925 began the Charleston fever, it had a lot of influence on the development of the Quickstep. The English developed the Quickstep  from the original Charleston as a progressive dance without kicks and mixed in the fast Foxtrot.

Viennese Waltz

A firm favourite on the European continent it is often danced socially as a series of lilting steps using

only the first beat of each bar of music

Even new dancers enjoy some of the wonderful classic Waltz tunes